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Vertex Feature to Support High-quality Manufacturing

Consistent Production

We have total control over the production of moldings in our own plants; from mold design/manufacture to mass production, secondary processing and assembly. This facilitates coordination work between the processes and engineering to drastically reduce losses or redundancy in the operations. Consistent production also enables unrestricted handling of order requirements for both products and molds.

Development Support

We can support your product design and development with 3D-CAD and flow analysis software, drawn from our expertise and experience in mass production.

In-house Development of Energy-saving Electronic Control Devices

We develop various electronic control system devices to reduce energy usage in mass-production facilities, including image inspection devices and automated assembly machines. This greatly contributes to quality improvement and cost reduction of our products.

Clean Room (Part Production, Assembly Inspection, Primary Packaging)

The entire production floor area of the Kyoto plant including that for molding, inspection, and assembly processes operates under clean room conditions of class 10,000 to 100,000 or better.
The strictly managed environment assures the prescribed production quality for fields where cleanliness and precision are requisite, such as medical, scientific, and high-precision electronic parts manufacture.

Management System

We have acquired ISO9001, ISO14001, and ISO13485 certifications. With quality assurance for our customers, our focus is also on development and production activities in the context of a sustainable global environment.

Complete Quality / Process Management

To ensure our source-management theory, we organize complete quality management system for each production process, which fully supports mass production.

Vertex Molds

Our Advantage

One of our crucial values is a speedy response. Experienced Vertex engineers situated at key points on the mold design and production line can readily make modifications to molds such as in a situation that often occurs when a product is subject to design changes. Such speed greatly assists in smoothing our customer's product development cycle right from the prototyping stage, which works to greatly open up business opportunities. Product quality, cost, and delivery greatly depend on mold performance. The stable quality, productivity, and life of molds are subject to manufacturing policy, design structure, part process precision, material sorting, and whether heat treatment is performed or not.